Interactive Maths Lessons for Children

I have developed a library of interactive maths lessons for the Irish primary school market in both english and Irish languages. Currently have 2000 students using the apps on a daily basis in schools throughout Ireland.

We are impressed with the power of Hype to consistently produce stable and engaging interactive hybrid web applications that fit our requirements perfectly.

Interactive Maths Lesson >>

Quiz Features Include:

  • Custom question navigation using Material Design lite for components and effects (

  • Typekit and Google fonts

  • Dynamic JSON text content

  • Multilingual

  • Vector animations using

  • Custom built question types include: Drag & Drop, Fill in the blanks, Multiple choice

  • Lesson stats recorded and displayed on quiz completion

  • Quiz score tracked and displayed on each slide

  • Records 3,5,10,15 question winning streak and resets to zero if wrong answer selected

  • Winning streak badges awarded and badge tally displayed on finial stats page

  • Badge awarded if 10 or more questions answered correct

  • Built with Hype 3.6


Hi Stephen!

I am getting the following error on both Safari & Chrome from your link:

Not Found

The requested URL /assets/lessons/maths-ire/L1/LESSON12/L1-Lesson-12.html was not found on this server.

same here, not found

Thanks @JimScott accidentally moved it from its original location,

See post for updated link :v:

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Thanks :martial_arts_uniform: @TKDblackbelt accidentally moved it from its original location,

See post for updated link !

I had a few problems with the quiz… Not sure if you’re looking for a critique or not.
1st problem - “purple lines” there are two and only in one case are they perpendicular. But in the other case they are not…
2nd problem - there are NO perpendicular lines unless you take an extra step and put the hopscotch into a relative position. Could be confusing for kids.
3rd problem - “What to diagonal lines join?” on the Read part and “What do diagonal lines join?”

Thats as far as I got. I like the interaction. And would love to see a source file to see how you used JSON for the data.

Nice job - effective! I went just 3 problems in - but I got my “3 correct answers in a row” badge. :+1:


I saw just one - the other is pink… at least on my monitor.

This is a good point - especially as none of the previous examples look anything like the hopscotch question - maybe a slightly skewed version in the examples would be more illustrative.



This is great @Burndog yes! always looking for another opinion to improve upon.

I probably jumped the gun posting this as it still hasn’t gone through final proof stages yet but really appreciate the feedback.

I will look closely at your suggestions, implement them and update the link in the post in due course.


That’s welcome feedback @JimScott appreciate the time you took to post your insights.


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I have posted an earlier example of a stripped back version of a json powered app here >>

Wont be able to share this particular project unfortunately.