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Me gustaria saber si disponible exportación con formato pdf interactivo que permite interactiva y animación en ipad, iphone para usar mas facil sin internet. Lo mismo que lo hace con Indesign.

Espero que si funciona y potencia proyecto

Mi objetivo para hacer el proyecto educación interactivo para los niños con discapacidades en los paises subdesarrollado que no tiene acceso de internet.

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Looking for the button to translate, my Spanish writing Forum-Friend. Ah here we go (I hope):

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I would like to know if available export with interactive pdf format that allows interactive and animation on ipad, iphone to use easier without internet. The same as it does with Indesign.

I hope that if it works and power project

My goal to make the interactive education project for children with disabilities in underdeveloped countries that does not have internet access.

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Hmmm… why ask for PDF. If I am not correct many here on the forum will correct it. But is it not easier to build an interactive learning project in Hype and then export it as an ibook/epub or even make a standalone app from the generated HTML/CSS/Javascript files. This is a good tutorial from the people at It uses Nativefier found on

What else would you like to know Casimiro?

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Hmmm … ¿por qué pedir PDF. Si no estoy en lo correcto, muchos aquí en el foro lo corregirán. Pero, ¿no es más fácil crear un proyecto de aprendizaje interactivo en Hype y luego exportarlo como ibook / epub o incluso crear una aplicación independiente a partir de los archivos HTML / CSS / Javascript generados? Este es un buen [tutorial] ( ​​de la gente de Utiliza [Nativefier] ( ​​que se encuentra en

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I would like to recommend that you build an iBook, which is straightforward to publish with hype and can contain the interactivity you are after, as well as being able to be viewed offline.

Si pero no funciona con Android, windows y otras…

I know, this is not the place to mention Flash :blush: But - I made very good experiences with placing Flash (swf) into PDF (you´ll need Acrobat Pro). Since the Flash player is integrated into the PDF, your animation should run (even offline) at least using Windows, Mac OS … (but not on mobile devices)