Interactive Book Example Found In HypeDocks Site - drag the star interaction not functioning

Hello: @michelangelo and all those learning and contributing in the forum.
I was reviewing the HypeDocks reference information today with the intention to create an interactive book. I did find an example at the link below, however, when I run the hype file, the drag function to put the star in the net does not work. I can't even move the start. Other interactive features do when I click on them.

Any ideas of why the drag star interaction is not functioning? I recall it has worked previously.

Patrick McLean

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Update to my inquiry...
So I figured out that the example works in Safari but not Firefox or Chrome. My new related question is how can I adapt the example to run in the other two browsers?

Any helpful hints always appreciated (o:

Patrick McLean

the star i covered by the element purple-splash-chapters . this blocks interactivity


Thank you @h_classen! I am all set to explore interactive ebooks further.

Patrick McLean