Inter-active comic

(Maikel) #1

Hi there HYPE!

As an illustrator i’m very interested in making inter-active comics. Was a long search before i found out about Hype. I’m not a programmer, but an visual guy. Don’t no how to write any code, but i still got to make the following eBook! The forum won’t let me put more than 2 links here, but you can find more of work in iTunes / iBooks

This is my first try at something inter-active.

A short comic called Game of chicken! (Turn on sound for the best experience)

Thanks for looking at my work! If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.
Might you be interested in any artwork, please have a look at StudioMIK.

May the Hype be with you! :slight_smile:

Best regards,
Maikel Verkoelen.

(Hans-Gerd Claßen) #2

GREAT! cool bw-style

(Maikel) #3

Thanks! Hope to make more of these in the future …For now, just old-fashioned none-interactive comics. :slight_smile:

(Nick ) #4

Classically Awesome!!
Do you mind if I share on my Applied Design Page on FB?

(Maikel) #5

No problem, please do share. Thanks!

(Greg) #6

Maikel, I really enjoyed it. I wish I had some of your artistic talent.

(René) #7

Leuk om te zien dat er meer creatieve Nederlanders los gaan met Hype :smile:

(Maikel) #8

Hey Rene! Ja, wat een te gek programma. Dit is iets waar ik al een hele tijd naar op zoek was. Heb jezelf ook al iets gemaakt met Hype?

(René) #9

Ja zeker. Mijn vriendin is illustrator en ik bouw al haar prentenboeken om naar interactieve versies voor iOS. Kijk maar eens in de App Store.
Ik zou eigenlijk ook eens mijn eigen website met Hype moeten bouwen, maar ben veel te druk met die apps en mijn andere vaste baan als sound-designer en multimedia componist…

Jij maakt overigens ook aardig mooie dingen!

(Maikel) #10

Thanks! Ow wauw! Noa’s Sterren! Die ken ik natuurlijk wel. Die stond ergens in de HYPE gallery. Heb ik een hoop van geleerd destijds. Dank voor het delen daarvan. Zal eens een boekie donwloaden, leuk! Heb zelf het volgende eBookje gemaakt. Wederom niet helemaal met code, maar toch nog wel heel tevreden mee. :slight_smile:

(Nick ) #11

Done!! I love your other work as well! :smile:

(Nick ) #12

René I would like to also give you a post on my FB blog as well.
Please send me a brief bio on how you got started with illustration and Hype.
Applied Design has a moderate world audience and has been growing so I like to help other illustrators and designers get their names out to the world public as best as I can.

(Nick ) #13

One more: If you are a Children’s Illustrator and you are extending your work out with Hype you should really consider joining

This is the children’s publishing industry site that connects illustrators, writers, and publishers together.
In my enthusiastic opinion :wink:
I think Hype could really energize the industry giving lots of us an easily accessible tool to create some really great interactive content for kids.

(sam1) #14

I’m actually making a motion comic for my grad school thesis.
I would love to chat and swap what we both know/ have figured out.

(Maikel) #15

Hey there Sam,

Love to answer all your questions, not so good with chat though.
Perhaps we could blog it here? So people could read along?

(Peter Bright) #16

Nice Maikel. Very effective and entertaining :wink:

(Maikel) #17

Thanks Peter! Stay tuned for more in the future! :wink: