Integration with Rails 6

I’m trying to figure out how to integrate hype documents with Rails 6 (web packer and all that) and I could really use a hand with it. If anybody has any suggestions, please let me know.

Once I have it figured out, I plan on making a tutorial for it because I can’t find a tutorial for using hype with rails anywhere at all, and it would be absolutely fantastic if rails devs didn’t have to spend a few hours to work this out for themselves. So please, any help at all.


It may be worth you posting now your setup in detail and where you are at ,to give someone if they choose, to match what you have so far and see if they can help.

By this I mean even though some (most) will not be using Rails or Web packer, someone may be inclined to explore it just to help you.
More details would possible help encourage that. Including relevant links to anything mentioned like web packer and all that..

From my quick look at the Web Packer on GitHub ( I googled, so not sure I saw what you are talking about)

It looks like it just needs access to the exported js files (project and runtime )

Also just looked at this video, which makes me think it should not be that hard to do.
The main thing would be resolving links to assets. ( Which may work better if you export using the OrganizedAssets export script. )