Integration Hype document to existing website

I am unable to find solution how to integrate my Hype document ( to my website as I want to.
If I paste desired scalable Hype doc’s lines of exported code to head (meta tag) and body (div tags), Hype doc doesn’ show on website at all. This metod works only if I turn off scale in % in Hype, but Hype doc has white stripes on sides.
If I put scalable Hype doc to iframe, I can set to 100% only width OR height, but not both -

I am using the latest WebsiteX5 Pro web generator.

Thank for advice or help!

You Iframe-Tag has a wrong apostroph after the width …

regarding your problem: what about setting a style-height of 100vh …should work …

you need some fixed heigth embedding a responsive hypedoc

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Thank you very much, your advice helps!