Integrating touch n swipe into hype

Hi all,
Greetings from Indonesia.
I was wondering if anyone can help me to integrate Touch n Swipe Gallery into hype :smile:

no (113.9 KB)
in this example, I call the gallery using data-link=“slider:0; index:1” and it works.

using (397.5 KB)
this time, i try to call from inside hype but no luck :frowning:

Any help will be appreciated !

You have several errors in both your document and the HTML version you shared.

Those errors are 404 not founds. It is looking for resources in an assets folder inside the root folder.

Also your button in your Hype document is calling a function “showGallery1()” and the element cannot be found because there is no ID set within the document.

Your scripts are being included no problem (because one of the scripts calls for the assets folder). You just need to set it up properly. I’m not familiar on the touch and swipe script so couldn’t offer you assistance in regards to that script. But, check your folder setup on export (put the right files into the right folders in the right place) or change the script where it calls the assets folder and change to the resource folder OR

I’m pretty sure you (or someone here if you ask nicely) can replicate what you need just by using Hype only.

Can you elaborate on what it is you are looking to achieve by using Hype? and why you don’t want do it without it.

@architecb33 here is a slight remix to your document that uses the Hype native swipe actions to control a timeline that simulates the swipe. (81.4 KB)