Integrating CMS into Hype

Does anyone have experience (good or otherwise) integrating a CMS into a Hype project?

I’ve built several demo / proof-of-concept pieces in Freeway Pro in the past, but FP often does things “their own way” and causes unexpected problems where there really shouldn’t be any (particularly in terms of integrating a CMS). Hype appears to offer some extended flexibility in terms of developing a demo piece, even if there is still a sense that it isn’t ready for “prime time” in terms of full website development. If anyone has integrated a CMS with success (or banged their head against the wall while trying to do so), I’d appreciate any thoughts, comments, and snide remarks (the last being a ‘tip-of-the-hat’ to my old chemistry professor). Hype offers more creativity than Freeway Pro in terms of a “blue smoke and mirrors” demo. Integrating a CMS is somewhat vital in terms of showing the dynamic aspect of the project.

Thanks in advance for any and all advice,

It is important question still.
I tried use my CMS codes into Hype, but it s ineffective.
Hype does not see anything except self code.
This severely limits opportunities.

Can you elaborate on your setup and CMS? Hype documents are scoped as normal webpages (though driven by JS) and have access to wherever they are imported.