Integrate form using Web Form Builder from Coffee Cup Software



I am trying to insert a web form using a mac app called web form builder and I get errors. Has anyone had success?


Can you share the code that it outputs?

You best bet is to probably insert in the Inner HTML of an HTML Widget – that will ensure that your code is on its own HTML page and is placed within an iframe.


Dropbox Link to site with code.

Click or tap on form in black.
The output files from CoffeeCup Software are named phpinfo.php & phpinfo and inputted in folder located here (WebTest.hyperesources):

The Code it outputs:

Great Job by the way with Hype 3 + Pro


To run PHP code within a Tumult Hype document, I recommend saving an actual .php file on your server and referencing that within an HTML widget. You will need to use the full source URL of that PHP file.

You’ll also need to make sure your web host supports PHP – Dropbox only supports hosting static files.


Got it Daniel. Thanks!