Install web app on Surface Pro 3

A client of mine wants to install a web app on the surface pro. I don’t have one and can’t see how it’s done.

Please can someone tell me?

Thank you.

What is your web app exactly? Hype produces HTML5 code that can generally be included or inserted anything based on web technologies. Beyond that, there’s documentation on Microsoft’s site for how package and submit apps:

All I want is to install the webapp as a desktop icon. This is easy to do on an iPad. You just view the webapp through the browser and then the browser can save a desktop link to the app and it can run offline.

So how do I get an icon onto a screen of a surface pro so someone can just click on it and it runs the webapp? I was expecting Adobe edge to be able to do the same as safari. Apparently just keeping it as a favourite with edge doesn’t cache the app.

Sadly I don’t have a surface pro. I’m reluctant to provide a link because it’s a private, pre-sales financial app.

Thanks for the heads-up.

If you check Create offline application cache in the document inspector, it will run when offline. Then in Microsoft Edge, you can choose Pin this page to Start from the more ("…") menu. The page can the be launched via the start menu and will work, even if offline.

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Thanks Jonathan. There’s no problem with the offline cache - works fine on iPads, just had no idea what to do on a surface Pro.

Thanks for your help.

Jonathan, your Edge advice was perfect - client very happy!

Thank you.


Glad that worked!

Me too!