Inserting time (move all following data forward)

I have an animation where I need to insert empty space in the timeline so that all following data is shifted by the size of the empty space.

This can usually be done by just selecting and dragging key frames, but that usually slows my high-spec mbp to a crawl and it’s difficult to select everything in even a medium sized scene.

There’s also the issue of inserting key frames so that an ongoing animation is paused (or not!) where the time is inserted.

Is there some functionality I’m missing, or a workaround for achieving what I’m looking to do?

You can select all the white animation bars above and along side the elements panel. And drag them. Not at mac at mo. But this should move the whole batch of animations

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That is very slow on my machines unfortunately. Even on my 18-core iMac pro, only 10-15 bars causes a major slowdown and it becomes difficult to drag them to the new position.

Why not just use a “time shift” timeline to force a pause… I know, it´s a dirty hack, but it does the trick… :wink: (15.4 KB)

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Because I’m syncing my animation to an external source, so if I use timeline actions then I’d need to manually keep track of each offset in the animation rather than simply looking at the current time.

It is an interesting idea though, but it would make things more difficult rather than easier for my use.

If you have a moment, could you send a zip of your .hype document to I’d like to take a look and see what the performance issue might be. Thanks!