Inserting OAM in html

In WordPress, you can use the plugin to insert OAM widgets. This is very convenient, because the widget is just a single file. I thought that it would be very convenient to insert oam widgets in html, but I don't understand how to achieve this. I can only insert through an iframe, but this requires uploading a lot of files, which is extremely inconvenient. If anyone asked similar questions and understood how to do this, I ask you to share. Thank you for your time.

OAM is just a another name for a ZIP file. So if you know this your question is answered. You wouldn't integrate an ZIP in code (maybe for download). The answers to the followup question that spawns from this… "How does the WordPress Plugin integrate OAM?". Well, it unzips the file and saves all the files on your server in the wp-content folder.

Try it yourself … rename .oam to .zip and double click it.

I'd be curious why uploading the files in inconvenient for you? When Hype exports, it gets as close to a single file as sensibly as it can for the web. The model is close to Flash's .swf file. Basically the HTML5 output is a .html file and a folder of resources. So all you need to do is move the .hyperesources folder around and use 3 lines of code referenced from the .html file to start the animation.

This is shown in: