Inserting many images at one time

I want to insert many images to create a slideshow, perhaps between 60-100. I’m assuming each image will need to be a separate scene, but I don’t want to have to do this one at a time. Moreover, I would like to apply the same actions to all scenes (again, not one at a time).

Could use some help here. Thanks.

There’s not really a good way to do this presently.

Your best bet would be to make a UI automation/accessibility script to trigger menus/keystrokes. However, I suspect writing such code would take much longer than a single manual effort for adding 60-100 images even if you are highly proficient in this type of scripting.

Just in case, can you point me to where I might learn about such scripting? Thanks.

Or google “mac ui scripting”

Ooh yes, ouch, one of my least favorite things, AppleScript. Any chance I could add directly to the hype files? It wouldn’t be hard to write a Perl program to post entries to the XML file (and the Resources files) … though maybe it would require information that wouldn’t be available to me or that you’d be unwilling to divulge.

I envision creating many slideshows, so the manual method really isn’t an option.

Regardless, always appreciate your timely responses.



Hi Jonathan ~ Welcome to the Forum!

Below are two discussions on this Forum that might be what You are looking for… I have not used either one but fellow Forum Member @MarkHunte has a hand in both of these threads, and created the associated Hype Projects that I have attached here for convenience.

Since I am not privy to the details of your project I do not understand why You are assuming this set-up… but it is not required to have separate Scenes for each slide. Along these lines I do not know what “actions” You are wanting to apply. Below are two threads~posts that may prove useful for your project.

#1 - Load images from an online folder in same folder as exported HTML project:

Associated Hype Project: (30.3 KB)

#2 - Load images from Hype’s Resource folder:

Associated Hype Project: (594.7 KB)


We don’t support manual manipulation of the .plist and there’s no documentation for this available. I think you’d be better off following @JimScott’s guidance with dynamic javascript.