Inserting JS for chat

I have created a site entirely in Hype and am wondering how to insert a JS for a specific chat service. On a normal page it would go before /body>. I attached it to an object on the page and duped the object onto a different layout. The result was two chat icons / windows one in front of the other.

Hey Trey,

You could always stick it in a widget. Whatever elements you need then the script after it in <script></script> tags.


Thanks for your response. I’ve got it to function for an initial test but if I put it in multiple layouts I get a stack of chat buttons/windows, one in front of the other. Not sure how to isolate them to the defined layouts / breakpoints.

Can you share the doc?

Here’s something I’ve just done. It has 1 widget at 600px and up, and another widget at 320px - 600px. (2 layouts).

Seems to work fine.