Insert frame(s)

Copying and pasting keyframes is different. Inserting frames helps to adjust the timing or insert new animation before everything else. For example, if I need to add a short explanation before cursor starts moving, I have to shift all keyframes of all layers. Inserting frames in the middle of the transition helps to adjust its timing.

However, it’s not very useful without timeline markers.

Thanks for this feedback. I think we changed the behavior in v2.5 or so that pasting would generally paste after other animations. In most cases this is what is preferred, but there’s definitely reasons against it. I’d like to offer a way to paste directly in the spot.

It’s absolutely necessary if one needs to re-time a particular animation/transition without having to drag all keyframes of all layers after the point. To say nothing that properties animation window doesn’t allow to see/select multiple layer keyframes.

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Found a workaround for the very long animation: it’s easier to maintain, if you split it into multiple timelines, triggered on command or reaching a point.

Hello there,

Does this Topic here refer to the following “Problem”?

Is there any way to copy/paste keyframes somewhere in between animations? or asked differently, is there any intention to create such a function (maybe with a special paste command {i.e. cmd+shift+V - or something like it) ?