Insert form elements

(Jonathan Luna) #1

It would be awesome to have the ability to insert form inputs from the tool bar and style them as well as animate them with hype. or better let a sort of interface builder library similar to Xcode to help quickly prototype and build … a button is a great start… more input element will compliment it lovely…

(Greg) #2

Hey Johnny, you can do some pretty cool things with Symbols – For instance you can create a ‘New Symbol from Selection’ in Hype and Export it from the Symbol Menu in Hype. Once you save your Symbol, you can import into any Hype project you are working on. In essence, you can create your own library of Symbols that you can import at will. It’s a very handy feature, give it a try I think you’ll like it :smiley:

(Jonathan Deutsch) #3

Thanks for the request! @gasspence’s idea is probably the best way right now (when combined with editing the inner html for form elements).