Insert a pause into animation

is it possible to insert a pause in animation? For instance a picture moves from right into scene and stops. 2 second later the pic moves back again. How can I insert this pause in timeline?
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Yes, click on the “Timeline Actions” to set a point…

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Thank you for answering – it was the first action i tried, pause timeline and 2 sec later start timeline but it does not work.
Maybe there is an other point i’ve overlooked. Hype 3 Pro is the current version.

You’ll need some event to fire the start timeline action. If you have 2 actions on the same timeline and the timeline stops, it’ll never reach the second one to restart the timeline:) You could do this with some Javascript or with a symbol. I’d elect for some Javascript.

Add another action to run Javascript at the same timeline action point:

setTimeout(function() { hypeDocument.continueTimelineNamed('Main Timeline', hypeDocument.kDirectionForward); }, 2000);

Example (12.5 KB)

Thank you for this hint, I’ll try it.

You can also use the Add Keyframe button next to the property name in the property list to insert a duplicate keyframe (or copy paste an individual keyframe). If you have two keyframes next to each other with the same value it will result in a pause for that property.

We would like to add a slice tool at some point in the future to make this easier.

Hello Stephen
I have found 2 other solutions for this problem but your tip is the best.
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Hello, please do tell us the other 2 ways you have found;-) Thanks

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@gasspence Thanks to providing such a good information.