Inner shadow function in next update

(Alex) #1

Hi Tumult Team,

This might be a bit of a fringe request: would it be possible to add a switch on the shadow function to toggle what is essentially “drop shadow” (the current shadow option) and “inner shadow” (available on most adobe suite applications)?

It would allow for a more varied use of Hype elements without having to resort to importing jpegs and eps files for shadow effects on menu bars, text holders…

(Jonathan Deutsch) #2

We were holding off on drop shadows because that uses CSS Filter Effects; they are more widely supported now so I’d like to add this soon :slight_smile:.

Inset shadows won’t work with drop shadows unfortunately, and I think their usage in box shadows is limited, so probably not on this one :disappointed:.

(Alex) #3

Thats ok, like I said its a bit of a fringe request, thanks for the info.