Inner HTML not showing

The information I have entered inside the inner HTML of 2 boxes show on the Scene thumbnail and also in preview in browser but not on the main scene. Please have a look at my file. I have put in 2 Amcharts into the 2 rectangles but need to be able to see them on the scene itself to edit their look / size etc. (43.8 KB)

Any help is much appreciated!

These have inline javascript, which isn’t executed by the Hype application scene editor. (In fact, the Hype runtime does extra work to run this). It is a bit of a quirk in how the scene thumbnails are generated that they show up there.

Depending on your needs, you might instead want to use an HTML Widget element. This is an iframe under-the-hood, and shows up in the scene editor. Because this is technically a separate html page, you’ll need to copy the Head HTML script tags over to the widget’s inner html as well.

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Thanks @Jonathan : using widgets works perfectly

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