Inlining the runtime in Ads

(Loves Hype) #1

Inlining the runtime … I was exploring this in a exporter script. Although I haven’t found a easy solution with a custom exporter script. My thinking I could hardcode the runtime content into the exporter… and regex it into my position of desire but that would require constant updating of the exporter script. Any thounghts on that… I am talking min runtime (no waypoints and ie 6789).

Anybody had similar thoughts? Suggestions? Remarks?


I don’t understand what you’re trying to do. Are you trying to exclude the IE stuff or are you trying to inline it?

(In general, I’ve had trouble with inline code. Sometimes it breaks, like when exporting to an app.)

I have two export scripts I’m waiting to launch. They’re really good too. I’m surprised by what’s possible with Hype export scripts.

(Loves Hype) #3

I just wanted to inline the runtime on export (for example HYPE-596.thin.min.js) into the HTML-File. Just like you can with the hype documents json.


You can copy + paste the entirety of that .js code into the .html file, just make sure it is first and above the other inlined code. I agree that we should have an export script for this.

(Dennis van Leeuwen) #5

Hello Max, last I checked that option isn’t there yet. Would be nice if it was. So we could add it as 1 line in the html head. And also had a version check to auto update it.

(Jonathan Deutsch) #6

This is how you’d do it; if you look at the sample export script there’s the insert_at_head_start variable and subsequent replacement which is how I’d recommend going about it for now. There’s a good bet there will always be a <head> element :slight_smile:.

I would like to add this as an option.

(Rick) #7

This would be really useful as an option for future updates guys.

(Dennis van Leeuwen) #8

Yes please.