Inline links: can't adjust colours etc. with CSS

Hi there, hope someone can help me with this.

My HTML / CSS knowledge is pretty rudimentary, so I might just be missing something obvious. Basically, I want to change the colour of some in-line links in a page I am creating:

As far as I understand, the only way to do this is to add some CSS into the head of the page which tells the browser how to format links:

However, when I preview the page, this doesn’t work.

Can someone explain what I’m doing wrong?

Many thanks

uncheck ‘protect from external styles’

That’s great!

Thank you :slight_smile:

Please ignore my other replies, I was using the wrong HTML code for the link. Sorry about that!

Thanks for your help.


Ohne (12.1 KB)

also: please checkout websearch for html a tag. you’ve got to define a href …

Thanks! I realised my mistake. I tried to withdrawn my post but it won’t delete.

no matter :smile:

though you should be careful with deleting posts, it takes other users reading it to a wrong journey :wink: