Inline layout - objects flowing with text

Is there a way to insert an object into a block of text? I have a pair of previous / next buttons/art that need to flow at the bottom of the text. If they are separate, the text overlaps in narrow windows and is lost at the bottom in wide windows.

Hype doesn’t currently support the ‘float’ property, so your best bet is to create an inline HTML element (within the inner HTML of your text element) that has the properties you’d like. You can use inline CSS to float those elements Left or Right. Hope that helps!

I have a button that I would like to follow a block of text. I was hoping to find the button in the code, copy it and paste it as a div within the inner HTML, but I see that it is buried in the .js file.

Is there a way to do this? Thanks.

You’ll need to create a button with regular HTML + CSS code, and paste it inline within the text area’s inner HTML.

Thanks. I’ll have to figure out the fill and stroke, but that’ll do.