Infographics on COVID19 - Evolution in Portugal

… und wenn ich groß bin, lerne ich programmieren… :smiley:


ich auch :slight_smile:


@ktewes @h_classen

Thank You for the demo! :nerd_face:

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Bravo, @h_classen thanks for a short and sweet solution! In der Kürze liegt die Würze…
Next we have to learn how to tweak data-attributes for further interactivity.

this in fact is a wrong approach.
you should avoid unecessary code and repetitions, but first rule should always be to create readable and easy to debug code. which of course may/will lead to longer code … :slight_smile:

well @ktewes showed how to set and use data-attributes in his approach. so it’s all there …

I see @h_classen that the table in @ktewes examples is empty,
but I have seen in your (other) projects that you make use of this table and fill data in. This table is a new thing for me, still have to learn how and when to use it.
Looks like the table is ment for more savvy developers.
Screen Shot 2020-04-07 at 11.47.10 Screen Shot 2020-04-07 at 11.47.52

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Hei Ed,
what I´m doing in the above examples is setting the data-attributes dynamically, via JS. You can do almost the same using the ‘table’ in the Hype IDE. Look at this example: (12.7 KB)


Hallo Kalle @ktewes ,

thanks alot for your visual example. Great to learn that there are more than one way/option for completing of the same task.


Can you please update the "Comparison of contagious diseases" for Delta variant? The variant is now almost as contagious as measles.