Infographic animations playing slow

(Martín Jiménez Garzón) #1

I migrated from Adobe Edge Animate to Tumult Hype a few weeks ago, and I have loved Hype in all of its aspects, I have even translated all the infographics of my webpage to Hype with no problem except for one of them that is a little bit complex and it’s animations are running very slow compared to what resulted from Edge Animate. Since I’m new to Hype I don’t know if maybe is a problem in the code or method I’m using. I attached the HTML resulting from Edge Animate so you can compare it to the Hype versión and help me. Please help me to solve the problem.

Hype Infographic: Mapa Colombia (288.6 KB)
Resulting HTML from Adobe Edge Animate: Edge Animate html (1.4 MB)


(Jonathan Deutsch) #2

I’ve sent you a private DM with a beta to try to resolve the issue.

(HunterXtreme) #3

Beta? Sniff sniff**

(Jonathan Deutsch) #4

(in fact, this beta hasn’t even gone out to testers it has a minimal set of fixes in it)

(Randy Power) #5

what was the fix?

(Jonathan Deutsch) #6

This was an issue in 3.5.2 where webkit graphics acceleration was not correctly being applied as a performance improvement to animations. The bug was fixed in v3.5.3.

(Randy Power) #7

The reason i ask, I’m working on a project that involves frame by frame animation. The animation works fine on desktop, but not on iPad pro. I’m guessing it’s an iPad pro problem. It seems as though it worked before, but not now. This was done in the beta version. Any ideas? Should I post on the beta site?


Yeah, can you make new post in Beta with the file?