Infographic animations playing slow

(Martín Jiménez Garzón) #1

I migrated from Adobe Edge Animate to Tumult Hype a few weeks ago, and I have loved Hype in all of its aspects, I have even translated all the infographics of my webpage to Hype with no problem except for one of them that is a little bit complex and it’s animations are running very slow compared to what resulted from Edge Animate. Since I’m new to Hype I don’t know if maybe is a problem in the code or method I’m using. I attached the HTML resulting from Edge Animate so you can compare it to the Hype versión and help me. Please help me to solve the problem.

Hype Infographic: Mapa Colombia (288.6 KB)
Resulting HTML from Adobe Edge Animate: Edge Animate html (1.4 MB)


(Jonathan Deutsch) #2

I’ve sent you a private DM with a beta to try to resolve the issue.

(HunterXtreme) #3

Beta? Sniff sniff**

(Jonathan Deutsch) #4

(in fact, this beta hasn’t even gone out to testers it has a minimal set of fixes in it)