Inertial Scrolling within Group/Symbol


I’m trying to enable inertial scrolling within a Group or Symbol. Right now I have a symbol with content overflow set to scroll bars but it doesn’t flow on mobile like it should. Any solutions?

Hi Joe!

You do not offer an example Hype project of your work so I will go on your words alone - as a result there could be quite a discrepancy between my offering and your expectation!

This “example” uses a group in combination with a Scene’s “swipe” action feature (“Scene Inspector” panel)… no scrollbars needed. (You could add scrollbars and diddle with JavaScript to run the timeline. I don’t see the advantage.)

Swipe left to run a timeline (“Continue Timeline” forward) with pauses where You wish the scrolling to stop. Timing functions will help control the inertial aspects. (e.g. “ease in-out”, “linear”)

Swipe right (“Continue Timeline” reverse) to go backwards on the timeline.

The length of your timeline, and the temporal relationship of the associated elements, will control the speed of the flow.

You can use buttons & swiping to create the same navigational effect (i.e. running the timeline).

Swipe up or down could change the Scene.

Unfortunately I can not upload the project itself here for confidentiality reasons. Hopefully You will ge the main concept: Scene Swipe + timeline control. Could do the same with a symbol.

Thanks JimScott.

I’m familiar with the strategy you provided. I was looking for a way to make the symbol scrollable without creating a timeline. Appreciate the input though!

Please see this post that has an example of setting the CSS -webkit-overflow-scrolling property to touch once you’ve assigned a scroll class name to the group in the Identity Inspector:

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