Indépendant instance of symbol

Hey Guys i absolutely love pairing up sketch with hype. Some times i prefer to try and accomplish most of my work within hype, but find myself having to spend more time in sketch then id like to. I would love to see Hype adopt a capability sketch offers and that is the ability to detach an instance of a symbol and make it independent. this would be great to be able to duplicate symbols and give them unit changes for different layouts must many other possibilities.


There is no trick to “detach from symbol” right now, right?

I just wanted to add, that detaching a symbol from its origin is also comfortable to copy complete animations from one scene to another without losing keyframes.

You could just make a animation a symbol, copy it to a new scene and detach it.

If you want to “detach” (different than deconstruct) you can choose the ‘Symbol > Make Duplicate Symbol’ menu. This will make a new symbol, which is then detached from the others.

(It would be neat to detach individual properties, but that’s entirely different).

If you’re just looking to undo the making of a symbol, you’d need to copy out elements and their animations manually.