Incorporate Tumult Hype with a Wordpress template

Hello all, Hope someone will be able to help me out.

I have a wordpress template that im about to install on my website but what i would like to do is customise the homepage completely just to a tumult hype design.

So im currently designing a background with 6 box images below it in tumult hype with animations and when you click one box it will take you to that agency page in my wordpress template.

How am i able to do this?

This thread has more info on this process: Using Gallery from Wordpress in Hype

Essentially you’ll set a Page to be your landing page (in your site’s settings), and then you’ll need to customize that page. If the standard ‘Page’ template is already pretty basic, you can simply embed your Hype document there. If you’d like to erase everything on that page so that you just have a Hype document, you’ll need to make a page template specifically for your home page and embed your document there.

Thanks for your response Daniel,

I managed to put it on the home page but the header and footer are on homepage and i just need the homepage blank, is there any instructions or tutorials on how to create the home page with nothing so then i can make it a tumult hype?

Also i checked out that thread but thats to do with a gallery, off topic. Thanks

Hi @ajron

Even though the thread talks about a gallery the technique is still the same.

It really depends on the “theme” you are using in wordpress. To give exact instructions on how to create a template would be difficult. Here you would be better looking at Wordpress help for instructions (or even your theme). Generally you would create a duplicate of one of your page templates and rename it (in the file itself) and then strip out everything you don’t want (creating a blank template) and then put in your Hype project info. Note* Be careful with some of the core Wordpress code, it may be needed.

Later I can perhaps give you an example. I’m swamped today but when I have some time I’ll do it.


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