Include .php file in a widget

Hi , how to include a .php file in a widget?
I have tried <?php include ('player.php'); ?> but doesn’t work…

The php file is an html video streaming player that generate an auth code with a time expiration to prevent malicious users to grub the video stream or include inside others web pages.

  <div data-player-id="e73b4c12-ffefded0c-4a20gfd-84fc-dsdsdd6426801c3b3b">
  <script src="//">
                { "src": "//<?php echo "$base_url?wmsAuthSign=$base64urlsignature"; ?>", "my_option": "option" }

The player append to the server url the auth code with the variable: wmsAuthSign

Now in the php file , i have all, the php code and the video player that is working correctly.
I want to avoid the create complex code in the hype widget and include directly the full php page like an “iframe”

Using iframe it run… but the style is a little difficult to manage

<Iframe src="player.php"

How to avoid the lines appearing on the included php file?

If you’re embedding this within a Rectangle, you would use something like:

<iframe src="file.php" height="250" width="250" style="border:none;" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe>

If you’re placing this within an HTML widget (by setting the ‘source URL’ to be the PHP file, you can adjust these settings in the Element Inspector.

But posting a link on the web will allow us to figure out where that border is coming from by opening up a brower’s developer tools.

Thank you.
<iframe src="/week4str1/player.php" height="570" width="1035" style="border:none;" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" align="center"></iframe>

I can’t obtain the content centered in the widget… something wrong?

I don’t have enough information to help you – can you post a link?

I can write you in private?

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