Include Javascript ERROR

I am having a weird error occur quite often with a HYPE document I am working on. I am including multiple javascript files in my header by dragging them in. For some reason, as I make changes to them, it rearranges their order in the head tag.



Hi @elbowtoe

What is happening here (I believe) is that when you “change” your javascript file it prompts you to update when you return to Hype, right? This, I believe, is basically like you are re-dragging it again into your Hype document. It’s a “new” version of the file that was there so I think this is why it’s re-ordering. To work around this, you could un-check the option to include in head. (At the bottom of the resources window when you highlight the file)

and manually add it to your head (same code, you could just copy and paste) that way the order won’t change as you are editing it.


Sorry - it is a known issue that the ordering is based on when added instead of a way to manually change it. @DBear’s advice is the best idea right now.