Include and editable Spreadsheet in website

I have a Timesheet spreadsheet in Excel that I want to put on my website, so remote users can complete and submit to me, how would I go about that? Please bear in mind I am a beginner

Gosh could be a tricky one…

Excel do allow html export, but that is a flat html. From there you could get the outerHTM for the Table and then place that in the innerHTML of an Hype element. Run some code to make cells editable.
And some code to collect the values on submit.

This is possible (just did a quick test) But that is cumbersome and plagued with management issues as well as identifying which cells are which when it comes to which ones you make editable and also which ones you get the innText values from for the submit, partly due to the html export does not give you any distinguishable class names.

You could have a look at google sheets which you may be able to embed. Or google forms.

But likely the most simple way would be to construct the form using Hype elements as cells etc.
I am sure there are a few example of constructing forms on the forum already.

I think you can import the excel doc into google sheet and follow this.

How well that will work…?

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