In-app purchases

Has anyone been able to create an native iOS app using hype then having additional content as an in-app purchase using store.kit? Is this even possible?!?

Thanks, Chris

I haven’t done it, but I was thinking about this topic recently – possibly as recent as earlier today.

Theoretically, I think it’s possible, but you’d probably have to use the bridge between Swift and the WKWebView.

An important point is that Hype itself doesn’t create native apps - you basically need to create a native app that contains Hype’s HTML content, typically in a native WKWebView as @photics mentioned. To that end, you can include StoreKit, but note this would all be done on the native objective-c or swift side of the app.

If you need communication from a bit of Hype content to the StoreKit framework you’d do so via JavaScript signaling.