Improving HYPE 4 :: First ideas

I am a Hype user since 2018. I recently bought Hype 4, expecting new features like everyone else, and there are many and very useful ones, but I still miss very simple but quite important things. After having a conversation with the support team, these are two things that are currently not possible in Hype 4.

  1. I miss disabling pointer-events on a group of elements.
  2. When an element is clickable but hidden, pointer events are available, so I miss having two types of hidden properties. The first, about the opacity of elements (this is now available), and the second, about removing or adding elements completely from the scene. Of course, and both, with javascript properties to control them through custom functions.

These are my first impressions of Hype 4.
Thank you.


Thanks for the feedback!

In regards to point #2, it sounds like the Display Visible/Hidden is what you might want to use? When an element is set to Hidden, it does not respond to any mouse events.

Screen Shot 2021-05-11 at 12.56.19 PM

To change the state dynamically, one should use two keyframes (as it still has a start and final value).

Hi! thanks for your reply, however, my wish is to do this trough a custom javascript function, and this what I miss a lot in Hype 4...

Gotchya - thanks. It is true that the display is not included in the setElementProperty() API. It can still be used via normal = "none"; code, though this generally means that you should avoid using it in Hype animations since Hype's runtime is unaware of these changes.

If only there was a way for you to tell an element that was changed outside of the hype runtime to report to hype about its new properties.(using a hypeDocument.reportChange() ) Hype could then take this into account when it needs to animate to that element later on.

Well, thank you very much!
So far, this is very useful for my purposes!

The issue isn't primarily about reporting there was a change, but that parsing the computed CSS back into Hype would require a lot of extra code in the runtime. The reason for limited properties in the Hype setElementProperty() API is also to reduce runtime size.

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