Improve previewing speed


With some projets (with several scenes and layouts), the preview option is getting slow. I wonder if it can be improve. It’s quite not handy on big projets and i feel that i loose a LOT of time (i mean sometimes it takes several minutes for each preview). For example when i tweak code only, i suppose that previewing still manage media-things like optimise images and stuff.

  1. do you have any tips to help hype generate preview faster ?
  2. Maybe add an option to generate a new preview without updating medias ressources would be great ?
  3. And maybe a way to stop a preview process would be great too, when a wacky user like me hits this button by accident :wink:

Just hitting the same here button... and it is very frustrating at time.. did think it was just me..

The preview works by doing a full export, which means copying over all resources. Thus if you have a lot of files or large videos this will be the primary factor that slows it down.

Hype can definitely be smarter about this and it is on our issue tracker. Thanks!


Oh YEAH :sunny: !

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