Impression Pixels and Google Campaign Manager

Would anyone have some instructions on how to setup an impression pixel in an ad that can be tracked in Google Campaign Manager?

I have been working in Google Web Designer…(client request) and using their pixel Loader component is throwing errors.

I am more comfortable in Hype and would prefer to build it here. If for nothing else but to prove my theory that the GWD component is flawed.


I don’t see a pixel loader as a default GWD component; is there a download/documentation link that you are using for how it is setup? Also, what error are you seeing and how do you reproduce it?

For your tracking pixel, do you just have a URL (within an img tag) that you want to be invoked a single time? It’d be useful to know more about your setup.


Here is the pixel Loader component link

The error I get is that it is an unsupported component during validation.
The ad will have the 1x1 pixel img that will load when the ad is served up as an impression and a click tag if the customer wants to engage with the content. So we should get 2 different metrics the load and the exit to the ad’s website.

Also I am getting this error in the console…


I don’t understand how you’re working with this – can you share how you’re integrating this into Hype? Here’s the file I downloaded from your URL:

Currently I am not integrating Hype into it. Wish I was only working in Hype :slight_smile:

I was asked to build a 300x250 ad in Google Web Designer. And add a loading pixel into the ad.
We have had issues with the pixel registering in our Salesforce DMP.

My thought was to rebuild the ad in Hype and wondered if there was a way to add the .img pixel in Hype.
Would it be as easy as making a 1px rectangle x 1 px rectangle with an onLoad script attached to it that sends the information to the specified url?�dv!&campaignid=�uy!&placementid=%epid!&adid=�id!&creativeid=�id!&siteid=%esid!


You might need to create a regular image tag in the HTML — something that loads outside of the Hype runtime if the validator isn't picking it up. Try just a regular image tag with (1x1 dimensions)?

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Thanks, I will give that a try and let you know what we get.

I had found that, but it only seems to download a manifest.json and reports as "access denied" so I wasn't sure if this was doing the right thing. It seems to be pretty old since that page also seems to reference an older beta of google web designer.

You could definitely add that URL to an <img> tag within the inner HTML of a rectangle, but you may want to do some testing to make sure it doesn't get triggered multiple times. You could probably also make a script, guaranteed to be triggered once, that dynamically creates an img element, sets the src, and then adds it to the body.

	if(window.hasLoadedTrackingPixel == null) {
		window.hasLoadedTrackingPixel = true;
		var img = new Image(0, 0);
		img.src = "";