Imports without .png file attribute name but can't be used in hype

I happen to forget to add .png extension to a file and although the file is a .png as MacOs identifies it as such, but hype imports either way but it cannot be used. Can hype prompt a user to change before it imports the file? Currently It's part of the file structure in hypes file and I can't update it to be with the .png file extension, its still shows without .png file extension, this is after it has be re-added to the to the assets library with the .png extension attribute.

Screen Shot 2021-01-15 at 3.53.02 PM

Thanks for the report.

I've filed a bug to verify file types to extensions (or lack thereof) before adding to the resource library. We've encountered plenty of issues in the past where folks will drag in a '.png' that is really a '.psd' or '.pdf' which can cause plenty of head scratching, so this sounds like it could help out there.

Renaming would be another good way to solve this one :slight_smile:.