Importing user data from an API

Is it possible to import data such as user name, donation amount, and corresponding widget with animation from an API?

Basically … yes. Any data that can be accessible by an API could be used within Hype. I say could because it depends on what API. Without any other information I cannot say yes for definite.

I’m not sure about the “widget with animation” again more info on the API or the widget would be better to say yes or no.

For Example, If I was pulling information from Twitch about users for a widget I was creating. I would need userName, donation amount, and bit data. The “widgets” I was talking about are these animated images that are located on twitch’s API

… and this needs to be scalable so that we can add features later on.

You can use the ‘setElementProperty’ function to adjust properties, which also opens up the possibility for animations dependent on external values.

You would likely use this API:

Thank you