Importing SVG into a Hype vector element...?

Enjoying the new vector editing in Hype Pro v4 but hoping I’m making a rookie mistake: I can’t find a way to take an external svg file and make it editable inside Hype

  • Importing works fine but it’s an ‘image’ element so no color or path controls available to change the fill color, for example
  • ‘Convert to Vector’ makes the svg a background image for a vector box that only acts like a mask
  • Pasting the actual svg code just creates a regular imported vector image (as above)

Drop shadow indicates Hype sees the paths so the code is obviously seen and honored

Is there a way to turn the svg into a Hype Vector Shape so I can change it…?

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Hi Matt
This is a feature not part of Hype yet. Based on a few thread discussions, this is a very desirable feature that will likely be incorporated into a later version of the program.

See this post among others: Import svg file that is editable

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