Importing existing website into tumult hype

(Rossana Pai) #1

We have a website used Hype at my old Mac, but we need to re-editing it, how can I import it to my new Mac?

(Freelancer) #2

The site was made in Hype? just move the project on your new mac. you can edit the original project with the latest version of Hype

(Rossana Pai) #3

Thank you for your reply, but the original project cannot find. Does there have any way for me to import the whole web folder?

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I don’t think Hype is reverse-compatible with actual compiled builds.


You can recover an exported document using this technique: Restore project from .plist


Nice feature!


A few things first :slight_smile:

Do you have the original .hype file?
If so … Michael’s answer above is what you seek.

Do you have an exported version? (I guess so because you have the website) More importantly though, do you have a .plist file in the resources folder of said export? This is the file you need to do a "Restore Document from Export…"
if so … Daniel’s link is what you need.