Importing existing website into tumult hype

We have a website used Hype at my old Mac, but we need to re-editing it, how can I import it to my new Mac?

The site was made in Hype? just move the project on your new mac. you can edit the original project with the latest version of Hype

Thank you for your reply, but the original project cannot find. Does there have any way for me to import the whole web folder?

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I don’t think Hype is reverse-compatible with actual compiled builds.

You can recover an exported document using this technique: Restore project from .plist

Nice feature!

A few things first :slight_smile:

Do you have the original .hype file?
If so … Michael’s answer above is what you seek.

Do you have an exported version? (I guess so because you have the website) More importantly though, do you have a .plist file in the resources folder of said export? This is the file you need to do a "Restore Document from Export…"
if so … Daniel’s link is what you need.