Importing audio does not work

I'm trying to import audio files into my project and they don't show up. I've imported several files, all of which have successfully appeared in my library, but now when I try to import a file it simply doesn't appear in the library. I've tried renaming the file, but to no avail. Any recommendations?

I'd be curious:

  • What is the file format you are trying to import?
  • How are you doing the import? (Dragging and dropping into the resources library, via the + button in the resources library, via the Elements > Audio… toolbar button, via the Insert menu, etc?)
  • Does the resources library have a search or display filter on it? (The popup on the top should say "All" and filter field blank)
  • If restart your computer, does it solve the problem? (There are system security processes that may be interfering in Hype seeing the file)

You're welcome to also attach a zip of the .hype document and audio file so we can see if we can reproduce this ourselves.

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