Importing animated frames...clarification

I need to know from everyone your expert opinions about this. Im working in a project and i am at the point i need to make certain decisions. I am making a series of animations and i am saving all the frames as .png(i will make it smaller as possi le but if someone can advise of a better more efficient format please let me know). So each animation will comprise of 300 frames or so. I plan to use TH to type fonts, etc… and to have a button to play each of the animations. Because of the complexity of the theme, i wont be using TH to make the animations. My concern is 1) should i be worried about keeping number of frames low as possible? 2) if anyone could tell me…would it be a better idea to make movies, import and have TH just play the movies? If thats the case what format of movies could i do?
I appreciate so much all the opinions and from my heart i thank you all so much for replying.

Something to consider when using frames:

  • How long will it take to preload all your frames? If each frame is 100kb, you’re talking 30MB for a single animation.
  • If your frame rate is really high and your images really large, you’re going to see stuttering on mobile devices. Their ability to quickly show and hide graphics is less performant than video files.

Testing an animation will show you what kind of download times are required for the animation and how it performs on mobile devices with slower CPUs / GPUs. If you build it in Hype you can also easily export as MP4 and drag it back into Hype for better performance :slight_smile:

Hi…Daniel…thank you for being so kind as to reply to my question…so wait…you say in other words that if I make it MP4s and bring it into TH I could have a more efficient playing?

So…if I am animating outside TH and output MP4 TH may play it more efficiently?

How are you delivering the animations? Is it through a regular webpage, part of an iBook, or in an app? There are many examples of frame animations that work fine as regular Hype animations. I can definitely make recommendations if you can let me know how you’re delivering your animations.

‘Efficient’ is a pretty loose word. If you are sending someone to a webpage and you want to immediately display 300 frames of a PNG animation, there might be some waiting for folks with slow internet since they need to download all frames before anything can happen. On the other hand, showing a optimized mp4 video to someone will download more immediately and can be made to behave the same, though of course you can’t have audio automatically play, you can’t create interactivity (clicking on parts of the video will not result in any action) and there are other downsides.

I plan to deliver it from an App Native for Menu only and the animations
would be hosted in a page. And yes I get it. There is a multitude of things
I can do with Tumult Hype. I am thrilled to have purchased and cant wait to
get to it. For now I am finishing the animations. But the intent is to have
it in mobile phones. Im going to try and import the frames into tumult and
see the results. I was trying to forecast difficulties I could have getting
your opinion. It would be awesome to have them all setup in TH.

This is an example of why the old GIFBuilder app (pre OSX) was great. Each new frame only rendered pixels that were different from the previous frame, which saved scads of room. Currently available GIF apps use the same compression format, but they are dumb apps, in that they don’t provide the level of control that allows you to set delay times between specific pairs of frames, etc., which would save even more space.

MPEG-4 does pretty much the same thing in terms of compression and rendering. There are ways to use Photoshop to output this kind of thing but it is highly impractical.

Thank you so much for your helo. Ive been readi g a little and i learned that i could do very well with Gifs. Im.going to give it a try…i dont really need interactivity in the movies, as i plan to use TH for that in the menu and front cover. I am a beginner on this…thank you again…