Importing an animated gif to a Hype timeline

I was able to import an animated gif and I see it playing back but I need to be able to stop and start it with a button. How do I do this?


You can’t as it’s an animated gif. The only thing you could do create an image of frame 1 of the animated gif and show this first and then on click of a button change it to the animated gif to give the illusion that it was paused and then it starts. (You cannot pause and continue)

A GIF manages itself. The only way to simulate a ‘paused’ GIF is to overlay an image on top of the GIF so that it appears to have stopped. You can ‘restart’ a GIF by forcing the image to be reloaded.

GIF files tell browsers “Play my frames forever” or “Play my frames 3 times” – and there isn’t a programmatic way to manipulate that.

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adding an image on top will do it. thx again