Importing an Animate file into Hype

Hey can I import an Adobe Animate file into Hype? Does it require a plug-in?

There's no built-in functionality to do this, and I haven't heard about any 3rd party solutions. I don't think it is too feasible for it to work well because the structures and capabilities of the programs are extremely different.

(the older "Edge Animate" was another story where we were considering an importer for a while, but that never came to fruition and seems unnecessary now)

what about reverse export? that is importing the final HTML files? I am referring to some performance ads I need to rebrand and the vendor used something different than Hype.

Ah - if you mean take the export from Adobe Animate and show that within a Hype document then this is generally feasible. You would use an HTML Widget, which is an iframe. It may be a little tricky since Hype's Resources Library doesn't support a folder hierarchy. If possible then, you would want to export from Animate without folders. Then you could use these steps:

  1. Drag all exported assets into the Resources Library of your .hype document
  2. Insert an HTML Widget
  3. In the Element Inspector, change the widget option to "Specified URL"
  4. Type in ${resourcesFolderName}/YourFile.html where YourFile.html corresponds to the .html filename that was exported

If you can't get away with folders in the export, then I would instead not include the files in Hype's resources library, and just set the Specified URL to a relative path from the Hype export HTML.

I'm not sure about including a Hype export in an Animate file -- Animate uses the HTML canvas tag whereas Hype constructs a more typical HTML page via the DOM. (I'd guess Animate forums is the better place to look there)

Thanks...not sure if this will help me. I just wanted to take an Animate or Google Web Designer file and bring it into Hype for edits but it's looking like I will need rebuild instead.

Unfortunately correct - there's no way to make edits to these types of files or their output directly in Hype.

You are asking for something impossible. Ask Google web designer or animate to open a hype file instead.

Yah, that is kinda backwards. I have GWD files and they are pretty messy. I had hoped I could import the HTML and work from there but it looks like I have to rebuild.