Importing a frame by frame animation from Flash

I have a frame by frame animation on a Flash timeline

45 frames / 15 seconds

it a hand opening, I need to know the best way to import into Hype.


(I just sent you a private message - there’s a feature in the Hype v4 beta that could probably help with this!)


great feature, i ended up exporting the images as bitmaps from Flash then imported each into Hype 3.0 I’m still at the beginning of the project and would love to have a look at the v4 beat thx R

Just saw the video from the conference, did not know about that feature, looking forward to it, going to be some really good business opportunities on that.

When it comes out, I am going to find a Flash video just to create a sample for my own marketing (uh, that is a 5 year project so far)

I’d like to see that too. I’m having problems with frame by frame animation. It doesn’t play smoothly…