Imported video makes scene icon blank


(John) #1

I just imported a video into my Hype document and the Scene Icon in the Scenes column on the left went white. If I delete the video, the preview returns. I’m not sure if this is a known bug or not. It was a .mov file imported from my hard drive.

(Loves Hype) #2

This is nothing to worry about. The timed thumbnail generation is probably off time as it loads the big video.


Do you see the issue if you use a MP4 video file instead? (Ideally, the video would be encoded with the H264 codec). It may be that the mov format is in a codec that Hype has trouble making thumbnails for.


As an aside - I use “.mov” often without a thumbnail problem - but my videos are typically under 1 minute and super compressed as I use them as “guides” for creating audio~visual interactions.

(John) #5

Thanks for the places to look! I don’t think delayed thumbnail generation is the problem, although this is a large file (206.5 MB). Unless it takes many hours. I imported a smaller .mp4 video (15 MB) and experienced the same problem. Again, when I delete the video, the preview returns.

I am also working on another file having the same problem, only on that project, the scene has no videos, just a few buttons, rectangles, text fields, one photo and a logo. There are only two scenes in this project (each with two layouts-one for browser and one for iPhone). The first scene previews fine, the second shows white for both layouts. When I delete a filled rectangle that I have placed behind a semi-transparent photo, the scene preview comes back for the larger layout, but not for the iPhone size layout. There is nothing I can delete that restores the iPhone preview.

It appears to me that the scene previews are a bit flaky, but possible something with my system? I’m running High Sierra on a 2011 iMac.

(Jonathan Deutsch) #6

This is a known issue, it has been fixed for the next major update!