Imported PSD not visible on the page

I know what Hype will do with a PSD:
“ * Convert non-web safe images — any image that is not a PNG, JPEG, GIF, or SVG — to a PNG or JPEG. If the source image has any transparency, Tumult Hype will convert it to a PNG to preserve that transparency. Otherwise the non-web safe image is converted to a JPEG to minimize size.”

But when I import a PSD, it is visible in the Assets, I can preview it the Assets, the thumbnail is visible in the Inspector, but not on the page.

It doesn't look like it converted. The extension is still "psd" and that's not a web friendly format.

...and look at the size of the image. It's 678 KB. Even if the "psd" displayed perfectly, I'd probably still save it as a PNG or JPEG, optimize it with ImageOptim, and then add it to Hype.

I know all that. I just try what is explained in the Documentation where it is written that we can import PSDs. The fact that the file is heavy or not, high res or not, is irrelevant here. It is not visible on the page.

CooL I also created something similar for InDesign.
By following some filenaming convention in the way layers are named, a complete InDesign layout is exported, with just one click, into parts in JPG and PNG to be then reused by Hype. The parts contain position and size informations.

Just one condition: the names of the layers in InDesign must follow a filenaming convention.

bm-capture- 2021-01-18 à 09.40.33

if you feel like this is something the Hype-community would like, consider sharing your setup ... :slight_smile:

It's a script that cost me some money in development and I sell it or give if for free to all those who attend my in5 trainings.

all fine, thx for clarifying

WebKit, including Safari (iirc), used to display PSDs inline. At some point they turned it off on Safari, but still allowed it for WebKit apps so it would display in Hype. Because PSD is a supported image format of macOS, Hype would use this facility to convert it to a websafe image format on export.

On some later version of macOS, Apple disabled displaying PSDs in all WebKit views, and that's why it appears as blank in Hype. It will still appear in an export because the underlying system conversion facility still exists to change it into a png/jpeg.

Not too many folks import PSDs, but we still consider it a bug that PSDs do not currently show up in Hype's scene editor, and have an item on our tracker to add a pre-render-and-cache phase for the format.

Importing a PSD can be 100% useful if we can
– hide/show layers of the imported PSD
– select a specific Artboard on an instance of the imported PSD
– select a specific Layer Comp on an instance of the imported PSD

Most of the time, it's smarter to just make a PNG version of the PSD.

Oh totally - this is not to negate layered import as a feature! (and of course @MaxZieb's "Export to Hype" works well in this regard)