Imported elements do not appear in preview or animated GIFs

(mliving) #1

I’ve imported the same element in several supported formats including SVG and PNG into a scene.

The element is visible and animated properly within Hype but it does not appear during previews or in generated GIFs.

I have other elements as SVG that were also created in Illustrator and they appear in Hype and in the final GIFs.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

(Mark Hunte) #2

Are you able to post the project!!

Also please add some more detail on Browser version etc…

(mliving) #3

Elements do not appear in Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

SVG and PNG elements were created using Illustrator CS 6.

(mliving) #4

I realized the issue was because I had created four scenes. Once I separated the scenes into individual projects the animations worked fine.