Import path from AI for objects to follow in Hype

I want an object to follow a particular path (a loop) in Hype.

Can I import a path from Illustrator into Hype that my object in Hype can follow?

If so, how to I make the object do this?


you can import illustratorobjects as svg or png, jpg …

No, you can’t use those elements as animationpath

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Thanks Hans-Gerd!

It’s one of those nice to haves. You can in After Effects and If I remember correctly in Flash as well.


HI, Cip, have a look at this topic:
[link unlisted]

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Hey Ed, Thanks for the link, Unfortunately it says I don’t have access to it.

It was a beta thread…

The summery is it is about a similar request and the idea is a welcome one…

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Yes, it is a good feature request to do this!

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