Import Pages for Mac Text into Hype

Is there any way to import a formatted .pages or .odt texts into a tumult hype document just by copy-past, the thing is that on the joomla site I need to update the timetable with the formatted text I receive in .odt file, I do it by just copy-pasting, I wanted to shift from joomla and to make the full web-site on Hype, and I wonder if it’s possible to copy past formatted texts into Hype document?

Copying directly out of Pages and pasting into a Text Element in Hype will bring over the formatting. Please see attached screenshot.

I pasted into the text block not the edit window for the text block (pencil icon)

This does work.
But some text formatting does not:

I.e shadow, Caps

The other problem is if you try and edit the text using the Typography Inspector. You will lose all formatting.

That possibly will be a big problem for future changes.

What I do like though is you can make quick shapes in Pages and copy n past them into Hype as images.

As I understand from your examples is that I was just lazy enough to guess it and try it myself, thank you very much, nevertheless the issue MarkHunte mentioned in his post can really be a problem in future, hope it can be solved and I need to try import excel documents, I wonder if it works.

so nick and MarkHunte, thank you!

I hesitate to recommend this because it adds a lot of CSS properties to your document that can lead to frustration, but I can see hot it can be useful.

If you’ve done some copy-pasting like this, you may forget down the road, and tear your hair out trying to use the Typography inspector. To make content editable again, you’ll need to select your text element, and click Edit > Edit Inner HTML on your text element and remove the styles surrounding your text. A simple snippet of text copied without any modification adds this to the inner HTML of an element:

It is good to use as a tracing element.
But for that matter do a screenshot and drop that in and then set your type using Hype over top of that to get your look and then delete the screenshot.

When it comes to type I just tend to set it all in Hype for Hype projects.

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