Import of paths from illustrator to hype?

Can I import a path from illustrator and modify in hype?

Depends on what you call modify.
You can export your paths from Ai using SVG. Inside Hype, you can modify some characteristics of this paths such as contour stroke, fill color… but, apparently, not the shape itself

You can export from AI as an SVG. If you export multiple SVGs, then you can rotate, scale, and modify those individual SVG elements, but you won’t be able to actually edit the SVG images themselves.

If you understand SVG code, you can add the actual XML content into the inner HTML of an element and modify it within Hype that way.

if you export from illustrator and keep editing it in illustrator then reexporting with the same file name when you alt tab to hype it will auto update. I think that’s your easiest solution.

If by “modify” you mean change an element’s static appearance then this is best done in AI and automatically updated by Hype.

Alternatively, if you are trying to dynamically change the appearance of a SVG (or parts of an SVG such as its color) during the time your Hype program is running, then that is possible too. However, it is much more complicated.

Firstly, the parts of the SVG you want to change must have their own unique identifier. This can be achieved by simply naming them in the AI layers panel. Secondly, your SVG must be placed “inline” (as xml code in an existing or blank Hype element) and not imported directly into the resource folder. Finally, you must use javascript (or CSS) within Hype to manipulate the particular property of the element you are trying to change.