Import multiple frames at once and sequence all of them in timeline


Hello, help needed here.

Looking to import a video and insert all frames into timeline.

I could import a lot of sequencial images, or a .gif, or the video itself.

But in the end I want to have each frame inside the hype timeline, so I can control scrolling inside a blocs website.

Is the a fast/easy way to do that?

Best regards, thanks


This post may be of help

Mark, thanks for your response.

Maybe my question wasn’t precise enough.

I have no trouble controlling timeline with scroll afterwards, my problem is to batch import a sequence of images (like using a sprite sheet structure), but then convert the sprite sheet into FRAME BY FRAME INDIVIDUAL IMAGES ON A REGULAR TIMELINE.

Sure, I can make that importing image after image, frame by frame, but I am looking for a way to automate that, so It would be easy to import 300 frames or more.

So, if I have a sequence of images or a gif, and load into a sprite sheet inside HYPE, great. But then, how do I, in a automated way, transform that into frame by frame. Is there a command, or code, or some way to do that easily? The size of final animation would not be a problem.
But I need that to work like old animation, frame by frame images.

Thanks a lot for your time.



The Easiest way after not going for a movie or a sprite sheet as a container … place first image on frame and use Hype AnimationFrame to increase the frame number and set the image resource using setElementProperty, in my opinion.

There’s not really a way to automate this, but I would be curious on why video/spritesheets don’t do what you want. Also for 300 images I strongly recommend a video format since it will be the most efficient.